Welcome to A Lil' Bit Bookish

About Me

Welcome to A Lil’ Bit Bookish.

I am so excited that you found my little corner of the internet where everything is about books because they are one of my most favorite subjects. My favorite genres include OwnVoices, Realistic, Mysteries, Romance, Science Fiction and Horror. I am trying to get better at trying Fantasy books. Regardless of the genre, I read anything from picture books to adult novels but Young Adult books are definitely my favorite (Okay, maybe my 2nd favorite next to picture books). I read and review books to include ARCs and those I receive through Edelweiss+ and Netgalley. I am also happy to read and review those given to me directly by the author and/or publishers.

As much as I love books and all things bookish. I also love my life outside of the pages of a book. I love spending time with my family (including my 2 sweet mini schnauzers), traveling, the ocean, learning, and smiling. "I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite."

(Yep, Just like Elf.)

So if you are looking for someone to review, recommend or just chat with about books. I'm your girl! Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoy the site.

Happy Reading!!